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Conceived as a small gallery and art boutique, 122 Ricami Art Boutique is located in the historic center of Trapani in Sicily, a natural destination in the Mediterranean for all the countries of the region, a place of encounter and confrontation between cultures and religions.  Trapani is the city of the wind and the crystalline sea where a confluence of diverse peoples and cultures is palpable like the sand and the scirocco wind that comes from Africa.

The polychromatic ambience of Trapani is the foundation of 122 Ricami Art Boutique. Its origin is the result of the ingenuity and commitment of two women from Trapani, Fortunata and Valentina, who seek to place culture and art at the center of their lives.

122 Ricami was conceived as a meeting place, welcoming and exhibiting works by contemporary artists that can be admired, evaluated and more. Works by national and international artists will be presented to the public and a calendar of meetings will be proposed to include lectures, workshops, and conversations with curators, critics, and gallerists.

122 Ricami is the concrete product of the friendship between two women who after work experiences abroad have chosen to return to Italy and remain in their homeland, convinced to return and challenge the prejudices of those who think that Sicily is only a place of passage. The history of the shop that houses 122 Ricami Art Boutique was the inspiration for making the gallery a unique place.

122 Ricami is dedicated to a grandmother, Rosalia Ernandez, who together with her sister Giuseppina, in this very place, created artisan embroideries during the 1950s, making the shop a meeting place where the women of the neighborhood could meet and exchange views. It is a unique place, where the details are not simply details. At 122 Ricami multi-culturalism is readily tangible by simply observing its façade. The entrance to the Art Boutique is made up of graphic elements and geometric shapes reminiscent of South American, Mediterranean and Anglo-Saxon motifs.

122 Ricami offers an authentic aesthetic debate, a window on art to transform Trapani into a place of international artistic creativity. The progressiveness and experimentation of 122 Ricami is reflected in its window displays that adapt dynamically to the seasons and celebrations.

It proposes an international approach which absorbs divergent and distant influences paying tribute to the multiplicity of voices it features. Unity in diversity is contextualized in the city of Trapani, the destination of a confluence of peoples, languages, myths.

“We love to live intensely. Our innate curiosity and passion for art led us to travel to discover the world. We want to step on the innovation pedal, accelerating up trends that were still niche or to experiment with novelties in the world of art. During our journey we have had the good fortune to know each other and to know numerous artists. Art regulates human relationships, explores, and draws out inner experiences. 122 Ricami will stimulate a journey into the unconscious through the creativity and expression of its featured artists”

122 Ricami is made of objects of art and design with artistic trends that are most innovative and significant and offers the means for them to be appreciated and acquired by art enthusiasts.